Region Title Notes/Build Info Build Date System Status
N/A Beyond: Two Souls Aug 20, 2013 PS3 private
N/A Black Seems to be a tech demo of the later cancelled Black2 project. Jun 29, 2006 X360 Private
N/A Black 2 Cancelled tech demo which was supposed to be a sequel to BLACK. Feb 13, 2007 X360 Private
N/A BodyCount SCEE v426059.11 Jul 06, 2011 02:55:26AM PS3 released
N/A BodyCount SCEE v426059.15 #2 PASSED BUILD SCEA Jul 07, 2011 22:10:35PM PS3 released
N/A Bullet Witch Review Build X360 private
N/A Bullet Witch Preview Build Nov 21, 2006 14:49:49 X360 private
N/A Bulletstorm v7059 Changelist: 135166 Dec 20. 2010 X360 Released
N/A Burnout 5 Early name of Burnout Paradise. Nov 13, 2006 X360 Released
N/A Burnout 5 Incomplete build ;( Feb 22, 2007 X360 Private